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Function and product features of Suzhou laser engraving machine

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Function and product features of Suzhou laser engraving machine


1. Imported linear guide rail, high-speed stepping motor and driver make the cutting effect edge smooth and ripple free;

2. The integrated frame structure design is adopted to make the machine run stably and noiseless; the operation is simple, the engraving sequence and processing level can be made at will, and the laser power, speed and focal length can be adjusted flexibly for partial or all one-time output;

3. Open software interface, compatible with AutoCAD, coreldrsw, Wentai carving and Photoshop;

4. Equipped with water cut-off protector to better protect the laser, extend the life of the laser, equipped with foot switch to make your operation more arbitrary.

5. Exquisite appearance design; super strength steel plate, industrial grade; effective guarantee of stable operation and service life of equipment;

6. Double guide rail operation; belt drive; honeycomb / grid / plate / lifting platform can be selected and configured according to different processing materials;

7. Patented technology: unique up and down exhaust smoke and dust removal system; blowing protection; carving and cutting materials

The CO 2 laser engraving machine is mainly used for engraving and cutting of non-metallic materials. It can be used for laser processing of non-metallic materials such as bamboo, crystal, ox horn, paper plate, plexiglass, marble, cloth, leather, rubber, plastic, etc. Clothing, embroidery, cloth toys, home decoration fabric, handbags, gloves, leather materials in the toy industry, leather cutting and surface carving. Precision cutting of non-metallic thin plates in crafts, models, advertising, decoration, electrical appliances, plastic industry, such as acrylic board, medium density decorative board, etc. Suzhou laser carving machine

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