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The traditional way of hardware trademark coding is to use sticker or pneumatic marking, but this way of labeling is easy to fall off and the information on it is easy to wear out. With the continuous progress of technological requirements, the requirements for the production links and brand names of products are higher and higher. Laser technology has replaced the traditional way. Many metal parts, aluminum products, copper products and silver products produced by OEM factories are laser engraved and marked with trademarks, date of manufacture, patterns and words.
Many plastic products, such as toys, medical ABS products, electronic motherboard cards, cosmetics packaging and other brand logo, QR code, production batch number, were originally inkjet printing technology. However, the cost of inkjet printing equipment is relatively high, and the cost of consumables is high. Inkjet can not be seen for a period of time on the product, and the production process is not environmentally friendly. Laser technology is being widely used.
Equipment shell, nameplate, precision stainless steel parts, gear rack, motor, engine, mechanical tools, etc. need to mark and explain the above production specifications, dimensions, weight, production unit and other information, and it is required to be able to see clearly for a long time, not easy to be corroded and worn out. Laser engraving and marking can solve this problem. Laser technology can mark and make on metal parts at any time. The graphics and characters marked are precise. It is widely used in Precision Industry and military products.
Yiqiang laser is a manufacturer of automobile plastic parts, lamps and decorative arts and crafts. It marks the trademark, two-dimensional code and engraving of pattern and text of relevant products, replacing the original spray code or labeling process.In the process of injection molding production, plastic products need to cut holes and grooves. It is not convenient to use machine tools to cut, locate and clamp. Laser technology can cut without contact. There are various cutting patterns, no mold opening, proofing at any time.
Stationery factory, individual Taobao shopkeeper, tmall shopkeeper, personalized gift design studio and other industries, purchase Yiqiang laser machine to use cutting and marking functions in the production process of stationery box, business card holder, display box, plastic, wood and metal pen, so as to lower the production cost of products, improve the brand value, and customize the products according to the needs of users at any time Production.
PVB / PBC materials, MCU board, U disk, mobile phone accessories, watches, digital products and other products need to be precisely marked and patterned, and the precision effect of laser machine fully meets the requirements. The minimum two-dimensional code can reach 3mm, small pictures can be marked in a few seconds, and the minimum pattern can be within 2mm. It is specially designed for high-end brands, precision instruments and precision products with high anti-counterfeiting requirements.
Most of the traditional bamboo and wood products are carved by hand, which takes a long time and takes a lot of energy. It requires the processors to have high requirements such as superb technology and artistic sense, so the development of the wood industry is particularly slow. Now with the development of laser technology, it greatly reduces the processing cost and threshold of bamboo and wood products industry, improves the quality effect, and makes the competitive advantage of products in the market more obvious.
Clothing and cloth, plush toys, sofa furniture, packaging lining, leather bags and other factories purchase a large number of laser cutting, carving. In the past, scissors were used to cut slices or slicers by hand, and the cloth would produce raw edge and thread head, so the efficiency was not high.In addition, for a small number of special-shaped patterns to be processed temporarily, they need not be processed, they need to be outsourced, or the delivery is not timely. It adopts laser cutting and engraving technology, and does not need to make a template card.
The design of table lamp cover, LED lamp characters and other different graphics adopts laser cutting and drilling functions, and the sample may be processed at any time according to the design draft. It can be applied to paper, cloth, thin plastic and other materials.

According to the size of the lamp cover, multiple pieces can be cut at one time, with high productivity, low cost and convenience.
Laser cutting and carving machine is widely used in acrylic word, acrylic puzzle toy and other industries. Outdoor advertising word processing factory and puzzle toy factory use laser cutting machine, which is suitable for online orders. Different demands can be made at any time.

For the production of jigsaw toys and handicrafts, there is no need for multiple machines with different functions, only one laser cutting machine is needed to make the finished products.
In addition to the common bamboo and wood, acrylic material products using laser equipment, laser machine is also suitable for other metal and non-metal products.

For example, glass peeling, glass carving, glass film removal, pet hanging, car accessories, key chain gifts, birthday celebration coke bottle customization and so on. It is suitable for the industries of craft gift making, individual light entrepreneurship and so on.
The laser carving technology is widely used in the field of marble spot photo carving, wall marble mosaic and other industries. The features of laser carving are: it is not easy to be worn out and made at any time. The finished products have a sense of appreciation and high value, which are suitable for high-end decoration and tourism industries.


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Laser source assurance
Laser source assurance

Strictly control each production process

All the laser equipment of Yiqiang, chooseGermanyand China's first-class quality, top brand cooperation. Ensure the quality of equipment, do not do one-time business, do not impact the market at a low price. We believe in the power of word of mouth.

Procurement of public institutions
Procurement of public institutions

Strictly control each production process

One hundred million laser products are counted as the whole country20Many primary and secondary schools "Labor Technology Laboratory" provide creative design of laser cutting machine. Primary and secondary school students through laser cutting machine, design and make many innovative models, develop the ability of design imagination.

User selection in various industries
User selection in various industries

Strictly control each production process

For the whole country6000More than individual businesses、DIYProcess design room, as well as small and medium-sized factories, provide laser marking, laser cutting equipment. InvolveMore than 20Industries and products. Including hardware processing marks, beverages, plastic products, luggage trademarks, clothing, advertising, stationery products, pet signs, personalized gifts and so on.

Quality management and service
Quality management and service

Strictly control each production process

The one-stop service starts the production, debugging, inspection, delivery, training, follow-up visit of later use and other processes after the confirmation of the certificate. The whole process is completed by Yiqiang laser. All accessories of the equipment are included in the price. You only need to prepare a suitable site and220vpower supply.

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