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Good cutting effect of acrylic laser

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Good cutting effect of acrylic laser


Good cutting effect of acrylic laser

With the development of the times and the progress of science and technology, the high and elegant acrylic products have been widely used in various fields of people's life, such as acrylic advertising words, acrylic light boxes, acrylic pendants, acrylic toys, acrylic display cabinets, etc. the traditional cutting technology has been unable to meet people's needs. However, the production and development of laser cutting technology make the acrylic products more abundant and more Color.

Specification and thickness of acrylic sheet

Specification: 1.22 * 2.44m, 1.22 * 1.83M, 1.25 * 2.5m, 2 * 3M

Thickness: 1mm-50mm

In view of the above specifications and thickness of acrylic, Suzhou Yiqiang Photoelectric Technology Co., Ltd. has specially designed yq-l1390 / yq-l1612 / yq-l1610 models for customers to choose.

Suzhou laser cutting machine, acrylic laser cutting machine yq-l1390 / yq-l1612 / yq-l1610 adopt high quality CO 2 laser tube, the cutting edge is smooth, no need to polish, deeply loved by customers.

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