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Advantages of processing technology in the electrical appliance industry under laser technology

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Advantages of processing technology in the electrical appliance industry under laser technology


The rise of laser technology has made many traditional industries more efficient, and the electrical industry is one of them. The appearance of sheet metal parts and complete electrical components can be processed by laser cutting machines, saving production costs and improving production efficiency. At the same time, good production benefits have been achieved. The following Suzhou laser cutting machine manufacturers take you to see what are the application advantages of laser cutting machine in the electrical industry.

Laser cutting technology is a technology developed in China in the past fifty years. Compared with traditional manual and mechanical cutting, its advantages are visible to the naked eye. It effectively solves the problems of insufficient cutting accuracy, roughness, and low production efficiency, especially The advantage is obvious in the field of fine cutting. Laser cutting technology is a non-contact, high-speed, high-precision cutting method that can focus energy onto a tiny space and use high-density energy.

Status of sheet processing technology in electrical industry:

In electrical products, parts made of all-metal sheet processing account for a relatively large portion. The traditional manufacturing methods such as blanking and cutting corners are time-consuming and labor-intensive. The reasons are:


1. Traditional punch processing requires more molds. Electrical appliance parts also require a large number of openings and different shapes, especially single pieces and non-standard products. The high mold cost and long production cycle are not conducive to the production of single and non-standard parts.

2. When using a portable jigsaw to make holes, the size is often difficult to grasp and control, and the quality of the cut is poor, the labor intensity of the production is large, the noise is high, the production efficiency is low, and the saw blade is consumed.

3. In recent years, many domestic companies have introduced "multi-station CNC punching machines", but because of their high price, high noise, and shortcomings on the cross section, the price is also relatively expensive, so they are not electrical appliances. Good choice for sheet processing.

A feature of the production of electrical workpieces is that there are many parts, different shapes, and different sizes. The method of using the mold itself is time consuming and laborious. Therefore, with the continuous development of laser technology, the electrical industry has turned its attention to laser cutting machines. Suzhou laser engraving machine manufacturers can meet the processing requirements of large, medium and small electrical manufacturers for sheet metal processing, and have high efficiency and precision production.

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