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How to maintain co2 laser lens

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How to maintain co2 laser lens


The co2 laser tube is still a relatively common accessory. For the co2 laser cutting machine, the laser lens is the transmission carrier of the cutting machine. It can be said that it is a vital component for the operation of the entire machine. However, you should also know that Laser lenses have a service life. In order to reduce costs, reasonable maintenance and extending its service life is a very important issue. The acrylic laser cutting machine manufacturers will introduce how to maintain the laser lenses in detail for you.

Laser lenses are divided into two types: mirrors and focusing mirrors. The former is used to change the laser transmission path, and the latter is used to focus the laser into a spot with high energy and fine spots to perform laser work. The mirror is generally made of molybdenum or There are two kinds of silicon materials. Focusing lenses are generally ZnSe (zinc arsenide) materials. Whether they are reflecting mirrors or focusing mirrors, they have a common set of maintenance methods.

The following summarizes three major points:

1. The laser lens is relatively fragile. Pay attention to protection when disassembling. Even during transportation, strict and multi-faceted protection measures are taken. The anti-reflection coating on the laser lens is resistant to water, oil, dust and other substances. All are sensitive, so it is required to strictly follow the oil-free and dry environment during the operation of the machine. Do not touch the lens directly with your hands to avoid the oil on the skin from causing damage to the lens. Therefore, we can use gloves or The clamp is used for gripping, and it needs to be gripped along the non-optical surface.


2. Generally, the laser machine must be cleaned before and after use, including the hygiene inspection of the laser lens. We recommend using a magnifying device for inspection. In addition to the magnifying device, we can also use a relatively bright light to illuminate the optical surface, so that it is easier to find dirt and defects on the lens surface. If the laser lens is not clean, clean it in time and wipe it with alcohol.

3. You should develop the habit of cleaning your lenses regularly. Yiqiang recommends that the use of lenses should be cleaned once every two days, and the reflective lenses should be cleaned once a week. This can effectively increase the usage rate. Here we remind that if the lenses are cleaned multiple times If you can't meet the requirements of use, it is recommended to replace the lens.

Based on the analysis of the Suzhou laser cutting machine manufacturers, we can see that good usage habits and correct cleaning and maintenance are the two major factors that prolong the life of the laser lens. We try to make the lens work for us for a long time, but once a problem occurs, The exchange is exchanged, otherwise production will be affected and the gains outweigh the gains.

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