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Practical metal laser tube cutting technology

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Practical metal laser tube cutting technology


At present, the laser industry in China is developing rapidly, and the increasing demand for steel has also provided a good development hotbed for laser numerical control equipment. In order to meet the market demand, cutting of various types of pipes has become a demand of many manufacturing enterprises. To the market, tube cutting is in demand in various industries such as automobile manufacturing, oil extraction, and machinery manufacturing. Many domestic and foreign companies are also working hard for laser cutting. Suzhou laser cutting machine manufacturers will introduce laser tube cutting in detail for everyone. Technical knowledge.

1.NC cutting technology

CNC cutting is a successful application for large-volume pipe cutting in recent years, and it has many advantages such as large volume and quality assurance. The core of NC cutting is the cutting system. Sharp ablation, cutting surface tilt, and cutting point over-burning are common cutting defects during laser cutting. These can be achieved by laser cutting system. The so-called laser cutting technology requires the operator to control and handle the problem of cutting the workpiece. Skilled use of the laser cutting system can effectively avoid process defects and achieve high quality and efficiency.

2.Automatic laser cutting and cutting of large length metal pipes

For the technical requirements of full-length automatic laser cutting and cutting of large-length metal pipes, a unique dual-drive pneumatic chuck rotation mechanism (active shaft W, driven shaft W1) is used on the mechanical structure, and the left active shaft W shaft pneumatic chuck Rotating mechanism is fixed, the pipe is clamped, and the pipe is cut by X, Y, and W movements of the machine tool. The right driven shaft W1 pneumatic chuck rotation mechanism can move along the workpiece axis along the table, which can achieve large Full-length automatic laser cutting and cutting of full length metal pipes.


3. Pipe cutting process

When the pipe is cut, the slag is easily adsorbed on the inner wall. At the same time, some of the heat generated by the contact surface during the cutting will be absorbed by the workpiece. Therefore, the pipe may be overheated and corner burned during cutting. Although it will not damage the workpiece, it will affect the quality of the cut. In this regard, Yiqiang Optoelectronics recommends: (1) A height sensing follow-up system can be provided on the laser cutting head, so that the height of the cutting nozzle and the surface of the workpiece can be maintained during the cutting process (the focus remains unchanged) Under the circumstances, the cutting effect is not affected; (2) the method of increasing the oxygen pressure (6-8Mpa); (3) the sharp angle synthesis speed is increased by software.

4.Professional pipe nesting technology

Because of the high cutting efficiency of NC laser tube cutting, programming nesting will be more troublesome. When it was put into production, there was a lot of waste caused by improper use. After that, through the installation of professional concern nesting software, professional tube cutting nesting software Pre-drawing, nesting, and blanking can be programmed in sections on a computer to generate an NC cutting program, and the entire automatic laser cutting and blanking can be realized. Large-scale enterprises use nesting software as the premise for large-scale production, otherwise the advantages of laser cutting cannot be exerted.

Due to the rapid development of laser tube cutting technology, continuous improvement is still needed. Acrylic laser cutting machine manufacturers have mature laser cutting technology. Manufacturers and individuals are welcome to visit.

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