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Application of laser marking machine

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Application of laser marking machine


The application of laser marking machine can be seen everywhere in many industries, such as metal, wood, plastic, etc. There are also laser marking machines in the mobile phone manufacturing industry. It has been used in product marking in many industries. Mobile phone manufacturing The industry is no exception. There are many places where a laser marking machine can be used for a mobile phone. Suzhou laser engraving machines are exemplified by logos, mobile phone batteries, serial numbers, and the chip inside the mobile phone and places we cannot see. In fact, all have marking machines involved.

The traditional method is to use a silk screen to print on the surface. The silk screen has a relatively heavy ink taste, and is not beautiful and delicate. The effect of this printing is not very good, it also affects the appearance, and has heavy metal components. The case is also discouraged. The manufacturing process of the laser marking machine is much better than the traditional method, and the sophisticated manufacturing process has greatly increased the added value of modern mobile phones.


With the development of the times, laser marking, as a modern and more sophisticated processing method, is inferior to previous methods, and has high processing efficiency, better manufacturing technology, and is being used by the mobile phone manufacturing industry. Favorite, all major brands can see the traces of laser marking machine, like iphone mobile phone also uses laser marking.

Electronic products represented by mobile phones have greatly facilitated our lives. Mobile phones are also developing in a larger and thinner direction. The application of laser technology will be more frequent in our lives in the future. It shows that laser changes the world. Suzhou laser cutting machine manufacturers are willing to accompany you! Learn more, contact us!

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