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Precision application of laser marking machine

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Precision application of laser marking machine


Nowadays, there are many electronic production films. Chips are the core of various electronic products. They are relatively strict in production. Electronic chips can be made with laser marking machines. In this way, the role of laser marking machines is very large. Without losing data and sufficient accuracy, laser marking machines are gradually being widely used in the electronics industry. Chip laser marking is a certain difficulty. When operating on such a small area of material, it is also necessary to ensure that the function of the chip is not damaged. This is a test of the laser marking machine.

Suzhou laser engraving machine manufacturers have proposed a complete set of solutions, and have been used in production. Let's take a closer look:

(1) Design the overall mechanical structure of the IC laser automatic marking system. The design of the structure can be modular and reorganizable. This can reduce the cost of upgrading and improve efficiency, and can also be quickly replaced. Multi-variety, small-batch Flexible production of IC chips.

(2) Confirm the selection of laser marking machine to meet the requirements of workpiece quality and appearance. This requires us to find a very experienced laser marking machine manufacturer to choose and confirm the appropriate power.


(3) To ensure the accuracy of the IC chip laser marking machine, based on mechanical positioning, combined with an image processing system with a digital image processing card as the core, a motion system controlled by a multi-axis motion control card and a laser galvanometer scanning controlled by a DSP card Marking technology to achieve the high precision and high speed of laser marking of IC chips.

(4) Joint debugging and trial operation of the completed IC chip laser automatic marking system are carried out. For different IC chip products, the control parameters are optimized to meet the equipment design requirements and the accuracy requirements of the IC chip laser marking machine.

(5) Develop laser automatic marking control software, use object-oriented programming method to realize visualization-based human-machine operation interface, integrate laser, image processing system and motion control system operation.

In summary, the application of laser marking machines on electronic chips is relatively extensive. At the same time, as electronic technology is no longer innovated, the requirements for marking machines are getting higher and higher. Good manufacturers of marking machines need more time. With the advancement, Suzhou laser cutting machine manufacturers have rich experience in the production and debugging of marking machines, welcome to consult.

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