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How to choose fiber laser marking machine

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How to choose fiber laser marking machine


Laser equipment is now a product that many individuals can consume. Making small crafts is also very simple and convenient. So for consumers, when buying laser equipment, they must first meet production needs, and secondly, they must be cheap. That is, good quality and low price. When choosing a laser marking machine, how do we choose? Suzhou laser cutting machine tells you that it is important to shop around, provided that you have some common knowledge of laser equipment, so that it will not be “flickered” by some bad businesses. Already.

One: laser generator

Because the laser generator is the core part of the entire fiber laser marking machine, the quality of the laser generator is very important. In the past, we rely on imported lasers which are relatively good. Their conversion rate is high, but they are expensive. Although the laser is slightly inferior, it can basically meet the production needs, and domestic technology is constantly breaking through. The utilization rate is also very high. The service life is not bad, but maintenance is also required.

Two: laser lens

The better the laser lens, the more laser light it reflects, the smaller the loss, and the better the production effect. The lens is also divided between foreign and domestic, because the laser equipment was imported from abroad early, so many people think that foreign It ’s good. In fact, it ’s not. Except for a few large laser manufacturers in the world, the current production of laser lenses in China is also very powerful, and it is not clear which one has the advantage in terms of cost performance.


Three: laser vibration lens

The speed and accuracy of the fiber laser marking machine depend on the speed and accuracy of the vibrating lens. Therefore, the high temperature generated by the laser equipment in the working state will continue to affect the normal operation of the vibrating lens, and the deviation will affect the production speed. The galvanizing lens is one of the relatively high damage rates in laser accessories, so it also needs our buyers to pay special attention.

Four: operating software

The brain of the fiber laser marking machine-system software is the key to controlling the operation of the entire machine. All movements of the laser marking machine are controlled by this "brain". Therefore, the software function is equally important. .

The above acrylic laser cutting machine manufacturers talk about the important components of the fiber laser marking machine. When choosing a marking machine, you need to understand these parts, and a targeted choice is good.

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