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Precautions for laser tube installation and operation

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Precautions for laser tube installation and operation


1、 When using, please connect the cooling water first, use the principle of low in and high out, adjust the position of the water outlet pipe, ensure that the cooling water is full of the cooling pipe, there is no bubble in the pipe, and then turn on the power. Requirements: the cooling water shall be soft water (distilled water or pure water), and the water temperature of the cooling water shall be kept within the range of 25 ℃ - 30 ℃, which shall not be too high or too low, especially in summer. Once the water temperature is found to be too high, the cooling water shall be replaced or shut down for a period of time. The cooling water in the cold area shall not be frozen, especially after the laser is shut down, the cooling water shall not be allowed to cool The water is stored in the laser tube to prevent the cooling water from freezing and cracking. (special attention: for users using alternating current, the cooling water tank must be grounded);

2、 The two supporting points of the laser tube shall be at the point of 1 / 4 of the total length of the laser tube to ensure that the flow rate of cooling water is 2l-4l / min; otherwise, the effect is not good, it will cause mode jump, and the power will be reduced due to several points of spot change; the return water port of cooling water must be covered by water in the water tank, otherwise the cooling water in the laser tube will not be filled fully when the machine is shut down.

3、 Pay attention to protect the output window of the laser to prevent the smoke produced during the operation (including the debugging of the optical path) from splashing on the surface of the output window, so as to prevent the external surface of the output window from being polluted and the power will be reduced. At this time, the external surface of the output window can be gently wiped with absorbent cotton or silk cloth dipped in anhydrous alcohol;

4、 In the process of debugging, adjust the laser support point or rotate the laser orientation to achieve the output effect, and then fix the laser.

5、 Please pay attention to: avoid dust accumulation near the high-voltage electrode, keep dry, and keep the high-voltage end as far away from the metal as possible to prevent high-voltage ignition and discharge.

6、 In the process of using the laser, no scale can be formed in the cooling pipe, so as to avoid blocking the cooling water and poor cooling effect. Once found, the cooling pipe can be cleaned with 20% dilute hydrochloric acid to remove scale.

7、 The laser is made of glass, which is fragile. Avoid local stress during installation and use.

8、 Reasonable application of laser tube can save laser energy. The current point of laser tube is 16 ma.

Laser tube is the consumable of CO2 laser machine. Reasonable and correct use can prolong its service life and affect the quality of processing. Please refer to


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