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Features and advantages of CO2 RF laser marking machine

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Features and advantages of CO2 RF laser marking machine


In order to meet the market demand, Suzhou Yiqiang Optoelectronic Technology Co., Ltd. has launched the CO 2 metal RF tube laser marking machine. Because of its fast, high precision and pollution-free working mode, it is gradually replacing the traditional working environment such as ink-jet marking and manual marking. Its features and advantages are as follows, please refer to:

1. The imported metal RF tube from the United States is used, with a service life of more than 4.5w hours. After aging, the tube can be inflated and reused without replacement.

2. The imported high-speed galvanometer scanning system and optical transmission system, equipped with special flight marking software, can meet the online flight (continuous dynamic) marking of products on the production line, such as wine box marking, etc.

3. The cooling mode of metal pipe is air cooling, which ensures the long-term trouble free operation of the machine.

4. The marking speed of metal tube is 7-10 times that of ordinary glass tube, which greatly improves the working efficiency.

5. CO2 RF tube laser marking machine has fine spot of 0.07mm, high precision, small thermal diffusion area, and can carve / cut / mark very fine works;

6. High safety, no cracking and other phenomena.

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